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Dear friends and fellow worriers,
Thank you for appreciating my spin on what family safety should resemble. I am the oldest of my parents six children, and the oldest of all the grandchildren of my late and most honorable grandfather, Fred Irving Sr. I myself have four childen. As the oldest, I was often made responsible, even very early on in my life, for the safety and well being of all my siblings, and in many cases, my cousins, and our friends.

Together, we would go on vacation trips together, amusement parks, out to the mall and movies together, and often with no parents tagging along. For my entire life, I have looked for and provided a watchful and protective eye over all those I love and those that they love.

With this inborn or instilled sense of responsibility, I co-parented 4 beautiful creatures, and worry every day for their safety in this very busy and scary world we live in. In fact, I worry so much, that I would often circle back after dropping them off at sleepovers and or at family's houses when we would travel, wanting to make sure that infact, they had all they needed to get through the night, or to their exciting excursion that they were planning to take without me.

For this reason, I made every effort until they got to Junior High School and after, to be the parent that attended evening school functions, field trips in and out of town, trips to the mall with friends, and overnights where a parent or chaperone was needed and/or required.

My Smartphone App takes a new and what I feel to be a different approach to family safety by doing more than simply giving mom and dad a way to keep track of their cell phone carrying little ones. Trick or Tracker provides the ones being tracked to also track in reverse and find mom and dad in times of need.
The idea came from my own experience with my then 11 and 12 year old daughters, who were determined to go out with their circle of friends trick-or-treating, without us pesky and embarrassing parents keeping track of them and or following them. :-)
The idea came to me on a cross country trip from Washington D.C. to California, as we were returning home from an invitation to the US Department of Transportation's National Distracted Driving Summit in 2010. So, in the Text KillsŪ tour bus, as I drove the 36 foot RV, wrapped to spread the word about the dangers of texting and driving, on our way back, I had 4 days of driving, to come up with something new to do with the technology we developed to thwart the dangers of texting while driving.

Trick or TrackerŪ is possibly the most media celebrated family safety Smartphones app ever. Still today, not many if any apps appreciate the importance of the children, or those being tracked, to be able to track back to those that they look up to for safety.

Take for simple example, when mom and dad are also out, maybe away from home, and want the children being tracked by Trick or TrackerŪ to be able to find them, Trick or Tracker is a great tool to assist our kiddies to find us, hopefully not in a time of desperate need.

When children are out on Halloween, or at the Mall, or at an amusement park, they are more vulnerable to deviates and predators, especially when they are not in the direct watchful eye of someone that can and does provide them with their security. Trick or Tracker assists a panicked child, loved one, or spouse for that matter, find the person they need help from, quickly and easily.

We hope you enjoy using your Trick or Tracker. Need more answers? Please see our FAQ page or watch some of our demonstration or installation videos.

Very truly yours,

- Trick or TrackerŪ Creator

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