The New Adjustable Speech Rate Feature Of Alexa Is Out

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speech rate feature of Alexa is out

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Voice assistants like Alexa are a convenient and quick way to be updated on breaking news, calendar appointments, and sports news. But for people who find it difficult to hear things at a high or lower rate of speech can face the challenges to overcome discrepancies.

Alexa is already capable of a lot of stuff itself, but whatever you ask her to do, she will always reply in the similar standard speech rate. It has been seen that it is too slow for some people and too quick for the others.

This is the reason Amazon has announced the new Alexa feature that helps the users to customize the rate of speaking through voice commands. It is hot news these days that Alexa enabled devices are started.

Amazon said that they heard from the users to enable the feature of controlling the speaking rate of Alexa. They are happy to state that they launched this feature to assist the users in customizing their interaction with Alexa by managing speaking rate appropriate to them. This feature will give the best experience to people according to their needs.

This feature consists of seven-speed rates, including the standard speaking rate of Alexa: two slower speaking rates and one quicker speed rate. This feature will work out like this:

Alexa Features

  • When you want Alexa to speak slower, speak, “Alexa, speak slowly.” It will reduce the speaking rate of Alexa, and you will able to understand the voice of Alexa.
  • In case you want Alexa to speak faster, say, “Alexa, speak quickly.” It will increase the speaking rate of Alexa.
  • However, if you want Alexa to speak at its standard rate, say, “Alexa, speak at your standard rate.” It will reset the speaking rate to a default rate.

Amazon address that they are pleased by the positive response from users with regards to this feature and will continue to launch effective and helpful functions for all of their customers.

Alexa’s debut of the flexible speaking rate comes with a lot of additional features like a clock on Alexa. The clock will enable echo to show the owner’s access breaking news, headlines, weather updates, and sports score by customizing the shortcuts on the screen.

Amazon is striving to invest best in accessibility for charitable purposes. The WHO (World Health Organization) addresses that around 1 billion people or 15% population is experiencing some disability.

Google also revealed the three accessible features targets the users with deafness, speech deterioration, and limited mobility at its developer conference of 2019. Moreover, it launched an AI tool in July that helps people with speech problems become better aware through voice assistants.

Moreover, Microsoft soundscape revealed a navigation application that utilized binaural audio. These navigation app records sound with dual microphones planned to make a 3D sound sensation. This aid visually impaired customers make personal routes and mental maps in unknown places.

The Concluding Note

The new Alexa feature seems to be the please feature and its users is happy about it. The easy to use features, making people hear the stuff from Alexa at their preferred speech rate. Amazon stated that their customer with hearing difficulties and older age would enjoy it the most.Because it helps them a lot by fixing the speed rate the way easier for them.

Hence, when you are getting a lot of details and information from Alexa, with this new feature, it is more convenient and useful for you. You can take the notes of speech by slowing down the speech rate of Alexa. Whereas, if you don’t have enough time, you can adjust the speech rate by asking it to speak faster.

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