Boku No Pico – Anime Review 2019

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Boku No Pico – Anime Review 2019

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Buko no Pico is a series of three episodes, which is an anime with some erotic scenes. The concept of the series is entirely an adult one with some of the excellent exotic scenes.

Details of the movie

Name of the Movie – Buko no Pico
Type of Movie – Shotacon
Written by – Katsuhiko Takayama
Production – Seiji Kaneko
Direction – Katsuyoshi Yatabe
Studio – Natural High

StoryLine of the Movie

Cast in three episodes, this is the series that is often said to be the first anime Shotacon movie, which is having erotic scenes and which is mainly meant for exoticism. Pico is the name of the guy, whom Tamotsu identifies to be a girl and seduces her, but at end of the intercourse, he identifies Pico to be a male and from there, he has not been seen in any of the episodes. What happened to him after this has not also been mentioned or shown anywhere in the movie. In the second episode, enters a new character, Chico, who remains in the third episode too. He came from a forest area and gradually generates a transgender erotic relation with Pico. In the meantime, Oneesan remains as the elder sister to Chico, and sexually frustrated Oneesan, after being caught to be masturbating, was in one manner molested with her permission by Chico and Pico, to experience their first real-time intercourse. In the final episode, Chico finds a friend Coco and develops a sexual relationship with him, when they were caught, Pico and Chico indulge Coco to go for a threesome that ends the movie.

Episodes of the movie

The movie has been enhanced with a computer game and also a musical album. The original series is having 3 series. Here is a short description of each of the three episodes –

1st Episode

Released on 7th September 2006

Name of the episode: My Pico

Description: Pico meets a man who is much older to him. Tamotsu, the man feels that Pico is a girl and seduces him and even goes to a greater extent to intercourse with him. Later, Tamotsu explores that Pico is a boy and hence he leaves Pico and divorces him. The nature of the anime has been explicated here and it gave the first note to the world that is going to be an exotic and the first of that kind in the genre of Anime.

2nd Episode

Released on 19th of April, 2007

Name of the Episode: Pico and Chico

Description: Chico is a boy, younger in age than Pico and from the forest-based area. Pico meets Chico at some beach are and becomes a very good friend. Chico was a bit young from heart and he loved to play nude in the forests or at the beaches. Pico and Chico are not onto any physical relation in this episode, but the erotic scenes came out when Pico reaches Chico’s house. Frustrated out of family reason and sexually sister of Chico, Onesan was seen there for the first time. Frustrated sexually, she regularly masturbated and that was explored by both Chico and Pico when Pico went to Chico’s house for the first time. Both of them became interested n her and becomes physical to make their first intercourse experience.

3rd Episode

Released on 9th October 2008

Name of the episode: Pico x Coco x Chico

Description:  Chico and Pico meets here a runaway boy named Coco. By nature, Coco is a feminine looking boy, with whom both Pico and Chico fall in love. There are different climaxes between the three, which eventually turns out to be a threesome. This is when Pico catches hold of Chico having erotic relation with Coco. Ultimately, all of the three meets at Tokyo Tower and goes for a threesome relation to end the series.

Characters of Buko No Pico

Creating Anime is very much costly and keeping a track on that, the movie only introduces six major characters in it. Each of the six episodes is having a series role in the movie as has been described below –

Pico –

He is the character that remained in all the three episodes of the series. In terms of appearance, he is a little boy with blonde hair and he looked like a girl with long hairs. He worked part-time at the café of Tamotsu’s grandfather and there he meets Tamotsu. Tamotsu, feeling that Pico is a girl made relation with him and even seduces him several times. Later they had Sexual relation too and there Tamotsu explores that Pico is not a girl, but a boy. Tamotsu decides that he will not continue this Boyfriend relation and finding pain out of that Pico runs away by cutting his hair. He later makes friendship with Chico and Coco and entered into different erotic relations, till the end of the series.

Tamotsu –

This is a peculiar masculine character, who loves to see at girls as a sexual object. He finds Pico to be working at the café of his grandfather. Feeling that Pico is a girl, he bought him different dresses like girls. After several seductions, 22 Years’ lad, Tamotsu goes physical at Pico and finds there that Pico is a boy. There, he breaks the relation and since then, Tamotsu has not been shown in any of the episodes. He worked at BeBe.


He was the grandfather of Tamotsu and was a lovely old man. He loved Pico very much for his kind heart and loved that his grandson Tamotsu spares time with Pico. However, whether he knew Pico to be a girl or a boy has not been shown in the series clearly. Hence, it might be the fact that like Tamotsu, his grandfather also thought that Pico is a girl.


He is the friend of Pico and a very good friend in fact. He enters the show in the second episode, where he is shown to be a brunette boy. He was very much playful at the first age and loved to play naked in the forests. While playing such, he secretly watched his frustrated sister, Onesan to masturbate. Later, he meets with Pico in the sea beaches and takes him to his home. There they secretly watched sister of Chico masturbate secretly and influenced by thus, they go for a physical relationship with each other.


Onesan is the elder sister to Chico. Frustrated sexually, she regularly masturbated with lots of fetish toys, she had. Chico and Pico watch that and used those toys without her knowledge. One day, when she returns from some grocery shop, she explores Chico and Pico to have a physical relation, watching which, she masturbates at the corner of the house.


Coco is the character that enters in the third episode. He has been seen to join the party with Chico and Pico. In the beginning, he enjoyed erotic intercourse with both Chico and Buko no Pico separately, which created a difference between the two friends, but eventually at the end, three f they meet together, to go into threesome intercourse, resolving the friendship.

Final Review of the Movie

If the review has to be made about the movie, there are two things that need to be reviewed separately. The first of them is definitely the video itself, whereas the second one is about the characters that have been framed in the series.

Review of the Series

The first thing is that the series is entirely an exotic one and each of the episodes has shown three angles of transgender relation. So, the series essentially tried to focus the transgender relation and how that is affected by society. The initial sentiment starts flowing from Tamotsu, who falsely thought Pico, the little boy to be a girl and made intercourse with him, after several seductions.

The little boy, Pico, had no idea whatsoever about sexuality, as he was not supposed to know about that at his age. Tamotsu was 22 and he was an adult too. His approach made Pico addicted to intercourse and later on in the next episodes, he spreads this disease among other friends of his, who were also not supposed to be oriented like that.

The approach of Pico in the second episode shows how he got addicted to sexuality. He impulses Chico, who was also not aware of the experience. There even, the director shows how the addiction towards sex flows to the kids from the adults. In the second episode, this impulse was flown from another adult, Onesan, the elder sister of Chico. She masturbates regularly and that new thing was experienced hard by Chico and Pico. After getting through that new experience, they practiced the same with a kid’s mind and got addicted to pleasure.

This eventually affects the life and the thought of both the kids and that eventually made them addicted towards intercourse, which has spoiled another egg in the third episode, in the form of Coco. Both Chico and Pico makes him slowly addicted to the intercourse and its pleasure and just for fun, they continued having the same relation, which eventually brought down to the road, where they were simply addicted and that addiction was so much that they even went for a threesome.

Thus, this movie although seems to be very much erotic and although it collected different reviews that the movie has shown insane things about kids, the fact is that the movie is based n absolute reality. It showed, how the society and especially the adults in the society spoils the kids, without their self-knowledge. It also shows how the expression of love is felt by the adults. While Onesan, the sister of Boku no Pico Memes Chico eyes sexual relation as the matter of pleasure, the same is the view of Tamotsu, who felt Pico as the sexual pleasure giving the object. So, my opinion is that the directors and the writer of the series have intentionally hidden the main word of the series under the pleasure-giving entertainment, which when can be realized will point out the ugly practice4s adult does that pollutes the mind of the kids.

Review of the Characters

In terms of characters, considering that the original intention of the movie series is what I assumed, it can be said that all the characters have been developed with the utmost care. The directors although showed the ill mentality of Tamotsu, but revealed that in case of Onesan. On the other end, the main three characters, Pico, Chico, and Coco has been shown to be polluted with the thought of intercourse and its pleasure, but none pointed them up, stating that the thing is not good. Rather the director showed that by seeing them be deeply in the sexual relation, Onesam masturbated hard, which was a kind of applaud for their approach.

The directors also showed that the kids are not having any mentality of using others or abusing others, they are only sharing their feelings with their friends, for the reason that the thing gave them pleasure. This is another way to point out the society that feels the right thing about relationships and not to focus on the pleasure. What the elders will do, the kids will learn. So, if the views of the adults are to look at sexuality is for pleasure, it is obvious that the kids will be learning the same thing. In order to rebuild the society, what is needed is not the teachings and scolding to the kids; rather the actual thing that is needed is the proper way to behave in society. Kids learn from what they see. If they see the good thoughts and habits, they will adopt them only and they will learn to prioritize relationship more than that of pleasure.

Hence, the movie might seem to be a pure adult one, but actually, there are some deep words in it and that makes the series so much special among all the anime movies from Japan or from anywhere.

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