Ever Heard About Couchtuner? Is CouchTuner Safe and Legal?

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Ever Heard About Couchtuner

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Well, let us just talk about Couchtuner.

So, First thing first.

What really is Couchtuner?

It basically is a website that aid you to watch your favorite TV series and movies on the go. Yeah you read it right. All your favorite dramas under one umbrella. A preferable recommended and reliable site with no headache to install Ad-blockers as it is Ad-free, yeah; no surveys, no spyware, no malware at all. It has a got a whole exciting list of local to foreign TV series and movies where you can watch all the episodes like the whole TV series season in a go. Exciting much!

Well, not just that; it gives you separate lists for the series ongoing at the moment and the one finished streaming. So, you can pick and choose from a wide variety of horror, thrill, romance, suspense, supernatural, or whatever be your cup of tea is. And with that being said, no whole registration fiasco or subscribing fuss or making an account and guess…. NO NEED OF A CREDIT CARD BECAUSE “IT IS FREE CONTENT”

Interesting rather worth-catching offer it is. So, what are you waiting for? Catch it if you can.

So, the next step.

First Google then Oogle!

Open your latest chrome browser and type in “Couchtuner” keep the spelling in check and probably the third or fourth item you got will be the one you are looking for with link https://2mycouchtuner.one/with title Couch Tuner | Watch series Online FREE. Click it and here you are with the series on your plate. A black background screen with the title on the top and all the series listing according to the themes and logo attached. You will get the availability of New Releases and Search series in case you want any recommendations or you want to go with your preference. And you will also be aided with the feature of “How to Watch” in case you are troubled on how to use the site.

Full Assistance. The new shows are also timed according to the latest upload so you may know how up-to-date you are on the website.

But with that the question arises, Is it a legal website?


Disclaimer: Couch tuner is a Pirated website.

As everything comes in a complete package with a set of merits and demerits so the baggage it carries with itself is being unsafe to be used as it is not legal as a consumer content for its setbacks on validity and safety concerns.


Yeah, I said it is recommended but I cannot guarantee you trouble arising on viewing pirated content along with your Internet Service Provider and legal entities. Sounds like new information. Kudos to your lack of GK!

But let me keep you alert on the wide variety of domains that are available of the site to keep befooling you.

Alternate Domains of Couchtuner:

Ever Heard About Couchtuner? Is CouchTuner Safe and Legal? 1

  • Couchtuner.io
  • Couchtuner.rocks
  • Couchtuner.life – mainly movies)
  • Couch-tuner2.in
  • Mycouchtuner.li
  • Ecouchtuner.city

So the makers got a whole list of domains that can be used for the website since it was kept blocking again and again but they never stopped. Where there is a will; there is a way.

If it is free. It is not necessary to go taste the unauthorized ice-cream flavour. Enough Contradictions because spoilers are always ON. And the show must go on.

One more precaution or malware alert. As already told that the website does not require sign up process but downloading may ask you to sign in to media player that is malware as that has nothing to do with the website and is a suspicious aspect of the site so beware and refrain from landing into more trouble in exchange of free content.

If life gives you lemons, Make Lemonade

With every problem comes to a solution, though sometimes a set of solutions if you are a critical thinker so you got an alternative route to your desired binge-watching mode. After all, what’s the use of Netflix if you are going tobe stuck with Couch tuner.

Who Does Not Know About Netflix?!

NetflixThe previous generation maybe or perhaps not because they are shoulder-to-shoulder with us when it comes to technology. Well so it is tough on the wallet but safe in and valid so let spend some money and get rid of the extra burden on your pocket and transfer the beauty of shedding extras to eye-catchy, irresistible binge-watching sessions. Like the whole series-back to back seasons; one episode after the other and wave goodbye to your favorite show with a nice review in your Facebook newsfeed.

So How to Netflix your shows?

The website is the most famous streaming platform for TV shows, cartoons, movies, documentaries of all sorts like suspense, horror, thrill, supernatural, romance, fiction, Sci-Fi, and what not?!

It has got you a variety of plan whichever suits your budget not comprising on the quantity of available unlimited content however they differ when it comes to quality or the number of devices associated with the account. The three plans being basic, standard and premium. Sadly, you got to be a working person or a monetarily sufficient lad to get the subscription you desire the most as it is NOT free as they say every good thing comes with a price tag. But you can avail the feature of a free-month trial to check if that suits your taste. So, what are you waiting for?! Google Netflix, click the link Netflix command Get Set Go!

A tip that must keep you going is VPN. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network as the name suggest it assists you in unblocking the content privately and expand your access to the Netflix Library from everywhere prior to which subscription is a must thing. Once you are done, You are completely hooked and you can download the Netflix Application on your Mobile Phones, iPad, Notepad or any other gadget of your availability and preference since we do not pick and choose in technology.

Top 10 Couchtuner Alternatives

Top 10 Couchtuner AlternativesWatching the latest movie, sitting tight in your home and putting your eyes on your PC – Are you aware of this wonderful experience? There is no need to make any such dream. Couchtuner is the tool that is going to give you this experience in real time. You can watch the latest movies, oldies and the best among the lifetime ornaments, sitting right at your home. Not only the movies, but you are also going to watch the latest and the running TV shows, at your PC, or on your smartphone on the go. All the shows can be watched at free of cost and hence the magic even lies there. However, there is one thing that you will have to bear here – these free movie watching sites cannot remain on the same domain for a longer time and hence it shifts from *.fr, *.og and many. For this reason, you most often search for alternative sites for the same. Hence, we have collected and placed the top Couchtuner alternatives for your ease.

1.    Rainierland

This is a similar site to Couchtuner and that serves the purpose in a similar fashion. Like Couchtuner, it is also free and you can watch movies directly on the site. Buffering effect is also less and all the movies available are visible in HD format. The site is having an excellent collection of movies and the interface of the site is similar to that of Couchtuner only, marking it to be a perfect one among the Couchtuner alternatives.

2.    Putlocker

This is a perfect site among Couchtuner alternatives, which will offer you something that you will not find in the Couchtuner too. The site offers you thousands of movies to be watched and at the same time will be providing you everything in HD format. This is the speciality of the player and the major thing is that you can download all the movies that are available in the player.

3.    Crackle

This is the player that will allow you everything in HD format and that too is aided with a UI, which is highly comparable with that of Netflix. The best part of this site is, of course, its collection, but his site is having a reputation to provide a better effect in streaming, as buffering is very much low here. In terms of collection, the channel is excellent and at the same time, the category function in the site makes it far more different from other Couchtuner alternatives.

4.    Alluc

This is the channel that is absolutely free and that gives the users an edge to watch the movies with live streaming. Excellent video quality in HD format and outstanding collection with latest movies, oldies, and movies of golden time makes this channel one of the best among all the Couchtuner alternatives. You will experience the best quality search in this channel and that is an additional edge for all users.

5.    Vumoo

This is the channel that is going to give you the latest movies in the playlist and that too in their HD format. The service is such that you will be able to find a movie on this channel on the next day of the release of the movie. Collection of other movies is also great here and the best part of this channel is its category division – this makes the channel easy and supportive for all users.

6.    The Movies

Although the name shows that the channel is dedicated to bringing you the HD format movies only, this is not the case in this channel. You can find this channel to be very much effective for watching TV series. Collection of different types of movies here is excellent and that makes it one of the best Couchtuner alternatives too. The site is completely free for movie watching, and even registration is not required here.

7.    VEOH

The channel is often regarded to be a perfect alternative to Couchtuner. Excellent quality of movies and the collection of movies here is somewhat astonishing. The site has millions of movies uploaded and all of them are available in their best format. The site needs a primary registration, but there is no cost on that membership. However, without membership also, you can get through the different movies and TV series here.

8.    Café Movie

This channel is one of the top sites among Couchtuner alternatives and this site is highly preferred by the users since internet data is consumed here the lowest. The site is also having an excellent collection of movies and the category support in the channel will allow you to browse through the different genres at ease. Quality of each of the movie is outstanding and the best thing is that the process to watch movies here is totally free.

9.    Tubi TV

This is a free channel for watching movies in their HD format. The site is having thousands of movies in its collection, which you can search with your query or can also browse through the genres. This is the very thing that will do the real difference for you and for that only this is regarded to be one of the best among Couchtuner alternatives. Quality-wise and interface wise, this is even better than Couchtuner at times.

10. The Dare TV

This is the channel that is very much popular among the users for the huge collection of TV Shows. You can also get through the movie collection, which also is not bad at all. The interface of this site is also great that will allow you to watch high-speed streaming of movies and TV shows, by directly going through the genres. The site is also a free one to be accessed like that of Couchtuner.

So, the full list of the best Couchtuner alternatives is before you. What you will have to do is to go through the list once again and try out the channels. In each of the channels, you can get through the collection, before registering. So, unusual sign up will also not be essential. Each of the channels is having excellent movie collection and TV shows. Enjoy watching free movies.

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